System Group is a conglomerate of offices composed of 13 regional offices and 10 specialized service lines. We also work with 30 licensed dedicated business partners. Together, we address diverse IT needs of our customers across different industries nationwide.





Regional Offices

System Group regional offices thrive on providing exceptional customer experience through seamless group of fully-owned subsidiaries in major cities across Iran. These offices provide timely and outstanding pre and post sales services to our customer. This integrated model allows System Group to better understand, and capture, customer needs and expectations – ultimately achieving their unique objectives.



Licensed Distribution Partners

Growing the largest network of Licensed Business Partners, who are specialized in sales and implementation of System Group products in Tehran, have helped System Group reach more customers in a timely manner. These entities, established by former SG employees, are experts in their domain. It is through this strong collaboration model, that many of our product enhancements were identified and subsequently developed. System Group is evolving this partnership model by implementing partnership classification and specialization based on the best practices in the global software industry.

Specialized Service Lines

  • Sepidar System Asia

    To meet the unique need of small businesses, Sepidar System Asia was established in 2009. This company was created relying on over two decades of experience in meeting the specific needs of customers through a bundle of integrated products and services.

    Sepidar software provides a rich collection of integrate modules to small companies. These modules include Accounting, Sales, Accounts payable and receivable, Inventory and Suppliers, payroll, Contractor Accounting

  • Payvandtech

    Established in 2002, this line of business is responsible for identifying and providing RFID based smart system which enables customers to gain operational efficiency within the enterprise and among its supply chain partners.

  • SG Research and Training Institute
    Research and Training has been the major focal point of System Group for development of its human capital and support of its customers. The SG Research and Training Institute was established in 2003 to meet the immediate corporate and customer training requirements.

  • SGBI

    Established in 2009, SGBI empowers business users to generate meaningful and actionable insight through customizable dashboard.

    Listed below are some of the key benefits our existing clients gained from this solution:

    Monitoring actuals vs. forecasted numbers across sales and manufacturing
    Understanding trend and break down of cost across COGS (Cost of goods sold) and SG&A (Sales, general & administrative)
    Monitoring corporate liquidity measurement ratios (i.e. quick and current ratios)
    Checking inventory levels and making appropriate adjustment to match sales pipeline
    Analyzing customer buying trends and leveraging the insight in market segmentation efforts
    Examining sales trend for key products and making adjustments as necessary

  • SG Public Sector Management

    The urgent need for e-Government solutions has prompted System Group to launch SG Public Sector Management Company to meet the growing needs of this sector.

    The company has taken on large IT projects to equip the public sector companies with necessary tools to cater their services to public in an efficient and effective manner. SG Web-based office automation system has bridged the gap between the public sector and their clients, achieving the desired cost effectiveness and generating maximum public value.