Our people

System Group delivers winning solutions to its customers by bringing together highly talented people in an inspiring and collaborative environment. It is this environment that makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding. We continuously ask for feedback from our colleagues and colleagues to help us create a great place to work and find innovative ways to serve our clients. We are imaginative, passionate, determined, bold, and value having fun. We strive to do more with less. Above all, we understand how important each person is and welcome everyone’s feedback. These attributes have had a profound impact on the growth of System Group. They are also the reasons why our work environment is cherished by many of our staff and SG alumni.

Today, System Group (SG) is at the forefront of Iran’s software industry with over 85000 customers (and counting…) and more than 1,700 associates.

we learn, we grow. we create together!

We are great learners, we grow together. As colleagues, we support, challenge, and inspire one another every day. We deliver more than expected. We are ready to go beyond the boundaries the create more and more success for our customers.

The key to SG’s success is our people. The unique individuals who work here are constantly eager to touch reach success. They come from many different countries, speak many different states, bring their own experiences, perspectives, and ideas to work every single day.

System Group is managed by its core values and not by hierarchies. These simple, yet effective values have helped to grow our relationship with our employees, shareholders and customers.