ERP solution for large sized businesses


System Group’s Rahkaran solution is a comprehensive ERP system based on leading edge information technology and management system standards covering all aspects of business processes.

Rahkaran were developed based on two decades of experiences for helping diverse range of customers. Based on the latest technologies, these solutions address ERP needs of our medium to large sized businesses.

Rahkaran Modules

Accelerating Accounting Processes with Rahkaran Financial solution

Rahkaran’s financial solution contains:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Loan Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cost Accounting
  • You will be able to manage all financial activities integrated from the creation time until the classification. You can manage company cash flow effectively
    You will apply the required supervision and internal controls
  • Easily manage your loans
  • Be informed of your physical assets condition and their change history at any time
  • You will have more accurate calculations of the organization’s fixed assets depreciation
  • Increase the security of financial information
  • Prepare timely and reliable financial statements and any other financial reports
  • Accounts classification up to 6 levels
  • Fully parametric account definition
  • Document classification based on origins such as payroll, inventory, sales, and fixed assets
  • Trace-ability of issued documents through fixed reference numbers
  • Analytical balance report of accounts
  • Closing operations of temporary accounts (profit and loss accounts)
  • Automatic issuance of the year-end closing and opening documents and year-end adjustments
  • A powerful security system to define different users’ accessibility to the smallest details of the forms
  • Dynamic powerful document search engine
  • Accessibility to different account levels and detailed reports of account turnover
  • Import/Export from EXCEL
  • Revaluation adjustments of foreign currency transactions into base functional currency

Confidence in a competitive market with Rahkaran Management Accounting solution

Management accounting solution of System Group improves the speed and accuracy of the process of calculating the cost of finished goods and services. Also, when there are significant changes in quantitative or financial information, this solution uses price factor change models to predict future cost.

The reliable calculation is enforced through direct integration between management accounting solution and other modules.

  • By creating an unlimited number of forecast periods, you can calculate the costs of finished goods.
  • Have access to a summary of costs associated with materials, wages, and overheads.
  • Have complete supervision on the operations of the business units, including the flow of material from the warehouse to production centers and vice versa.
  • Find the improvement points of processes in a timely manner.
  • Implement changes at minimum cost and time.

Lead the market with Rahkaran Sales & Distribution solution

Rahkaran sales and distribution solution contains:

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Exports
  • Distribution Management
  • Self Service
  • Mobile Services
  • Manage sales and distribution operations accurately
  • Manage pricing and discount procedures per customer groups
  • Analyze customer accounts and credits and make the best decisions
  • Collect daily reports of received funds to limit probable errors
  • Have access to detailed account of inventory through matching issued orders, delivered orders and returned orders at end of each day
  • Improve the logistic process and reduce additional costs with planning customer visits.
  • Compare daily visit and delivery plans with actual results
  • Have access to timely and accurate information about sales condition and profitability of your products.
  • Reduce the delivery time and subsequently, increase your market share.
  • Perform the delivery process according to Incoterms.

Improving supply chain cycle and delivery process with Rahkaran Procurement and Logistics solution

Procurement and Logistics solution includes:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Procurement Management

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Rahkaran Procurement and Logistics solution provides full control over the procurement and inventory management of the organization, ensures timely and accurate delivery, and prevents the material shortage of the production process. Also, it helps you to avoid reworks and helps your inventory taking to be accurate.

  • With the action notice report, you have the option of smart inventory control.
  • Using barcodes and Hand Held, you can proceed with warehouse operations faster and more accurate.
  • Using stock reservation feature, increase your reputation by on-time delivery.
  • Track your expenses easily by detail account allocation for each order
  • Customize required procurement and logistics processes for your organization.
  • Increase supplier selection speed and accuracy

Aligning organizational talents with organizational goals with Rahkaran Human capital solution

  • Employee Administration
  • Payroll
  • Time Attendance
  • Career Planning
  • Training
  • Self Service

The human capital strategy of System Group helps manage the organization’s human capital according to your business needs. When laws change or you experience regulatory reforms, you can automatically apply changes and reduce errors in calculating employee compensation. You can preserve the organization’s human capital by managing career path and along with the management of personnel, secure the traffic and the access to the organization; also using reporting and analyzing capabilities, you can obtain a comprehensive view of the organization’s human capital and benefit the most from your employees and organization.

  • Tailor your payment system to your business, comply and be agile to regulatory changes
  • Systematically implement changes in payslips and letters of appointments according to job changes or staff positions.
  • Individual or group issuance of payslips and letters of appointment and automatic issuance of corrective letters in accordance with the requirements of the systems will be possible.
  • Apply defined legal outputs in the calculation of the employees’ compensation.
  • Calculating employee compensation and communicating to your organization’s financial unit.
  • Define your promotion structures according to the organization’s policies and objectives
  • Define the education and professional pre-requirements of each employee to fit the needs of your organization and the job definition.
  • Time calculations for promotions are performed systematically.
  • Ability to define the types of working shifts, working groups, and working calendar, different types of licenses for calculating overtime or under time, and special permits, defining different kinds of days off, etc.

Rahkaran Production Management solution contains:

  • Production Control
  • Production Planning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Quality Control
  • Batch Management

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Capture deep insight throughout your organization with Rahkaran Business Intelligence

Your heterogeneous data will be integrated into a unified data system with Rahkaran data integration module.
Through the use of graphical gadgets and dashboards, managers will be able to make real-time decisions based on the integrated data across their organization.

Product Features

Data Integration

Building enterprise data warehouse using metadata-driven tool in different integration architectures is enabled through Rahkaran’s Data Integration Toolbox. This toolbox supports multi-company data integration scenarios in both online/offline models.


Data Visualization

Using Microsoft OLAP technology, different gadgets like gauges and charts can be connected to OLAP data sources and be used to visualize data to users in a web based dashboard application. Analysis Desk module, as part of the dashboard, provides a means to drill down to different data dimensions easily. KPI engine makes it possible to define your own KPIs based on your business objectives.


Data Analysis

Rahkaran Data analysis module builds your corporate dimensional model according to your enterprise data warehouse design using Microsoft OLAP technology. Through the drill down capability, users are able to capture and generate meaningful actionable insight.


Develop Your Specific Business Process by Rahkaran Farayar

Rahkaran Farayar by covering the specific processes of your organization and developing your required individual systems, enables you to monitor the way you do business processes and identify the process bottlenecks; and also Farayar can optimize the use of the organization’s resources and improve your preparedness for changing business environments.

System Group’s Rahkaran Farayar

  • Provide the ability to customize solutions based on your own business
  • Create a proper platform to develop specific and individual systems of your organization
  • Integrate your current systems and solutions with Rahkaran.

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 Rahkaran General Features

Multi language

Multi currency

Report generator

Web services

Customizable forms


Multi branch

Workflow Monitoring