A simple solution to manage your shop profitably

As a store manager, you need to improve and speed up sales, control cash flow, accurately monitor payments and proceeds, track store inventory and most importantly, have customer information at the tip of your fingers.

System Group’s Dasht, Point of Sale solution is a customizable, easy to use software solution for retailers. It helps you achieve the above goals by providing full control of store operations, and enables you to concentrate on customers, as opposed to the store itself

How does Dasht help you in your store management?

Speed up and Manage sales

Dasht is an easy to use Point of Sales software solution for your store’s day to day operations. Not only does it provide easy management of sales operations, it also manages item pricing and discounts, accurately records sales transactions, and prints customer receipts. Dasht will also generate high level and detailed reports to analyze your sales.

Manage store inventory

When it comes to inventory control, Dasht generates standard and customizable inventory reports. It does so at different levels and automatically tracks inventory as you sell and receive goods. You will never run out of stock as the software sets low-level warnings and prompts automatic re-ordering.