System Group Solutions

With the development of back office suite, front office sales applications, System Group has been able to fulfill a business need for many corporations in Iran.
Our products are the culmination of decades of experiences helping our clients to become more efficient and cost effective. Lessons learned and best practices that we gained, has enabled us to develop appropriate solutions to address business challenges across manufacturing, service, private and public sector. Furthermore, we have developed customized solutions that address the need of both medium/large size customers and also the small ones.

Rahkaran ERP Solution

System Group’s Rahkaran solution is a comprehensive ERP system based on leading edge information technology and management system standards. Covering all aspects of your business workflows, this solution enables you to optimize the efficiency of your business operations for maximum profitability.

Based on SG’s decades of experience and expertise, each module of the Rahkaran ERP solution leverages modern best practice procedures and techniques to deepen insight into your business. It also enables you to improve management of your business processes. Rahkaran is a well-designed system that leads you to identify any developing problems in your business – thereby preventing them from becoming an issue.

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Rahkaran on the Cloud

Solution for medium size businesses

Being aligned with modern technologies, System Group has offered its ERP solution (Rahakran) on the the cloud platform. The “Rahkaran on the cloud” is the first leading colud-based ERP in Iran.

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Solutions for Small size businesses


Architechted for small businesses, Sepidar is an affordable product that is designed based on thousands of implementations and it is easy to install and use. It supports your business operations and processes in an integrated suite.

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Solutions for Small size retailers


System Group’s Dasht, Point of Sale solution is a customizable, easy to use software solution for retailers. It helps you achieve the above goals by providing full control of store operations, and enables you to concentrate on customers, as opposed to the store itself.

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