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In order to reach and serve customers, System Group is constantly looking for competent highly skilled individuals specialized in all aspects of a software and solution provider company. Within different divisions at System Group we have had graduates from universities in Armenia, Canada, France, Malaysia, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Our corporate values 

Excellence – Set the bar & innovate

Being a leader and having an endless passion for innovation has enabled us to continuously improve our products and services.

Value Creation

We enable our customers to become more profitable by forming a lasting relationship with them. We establish an accurate understanding of their needs, and then deliver on their expectations.


Working in an open and non-secretive system, we are dedicated to providing complete transparency to our information for both internal and external stakeholders.


We foster an environment where individuals are able to become self-confident, hardworking, decisive, results-oriented, straightforward, and honest. Each person is aware of their responsib


Being loyal to our commitments to customers, shareholders, and employees has allowed us to gain their trust and be viewed as a permanent business partner.


Encouraging teamwork to reach common goals and objectives are considered the most prominent characteristic of System Group. We are a family that strives to build effective teams and empower everyone to grow.

We are More than a team

  • Customer Engagement Support    +200
  • Research & Development  +100
  • HR & Finance  +150
  • Sales & Marketing  +280

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