DONE Corporate Venture

Our Story

DONE Corporate Venture is the venture capital unit of System Group, Iran’s largest software company. Our mission is to transform ideas into tangible solutions and create Iran’s future alongside innovators. We work with entrepreneurs in Iran to build sustainable companies that transform IT industry, create markets and in due time generate notable economic return. Our brand, financial strength, market footprint, technology know-how and experience, allow us to enable new ventures. We are interested in investing in businesses that will reshape digital ecosystem in Iran, and we can draw upon the proven assets and capabilities of System Group to power success.

Our goal is to enable start-ups who strive to build digital based products and services that address vast majority of Iranian customer information and communication needs. For entrepreneurs who share this vision, DONE Corporate Ventures and its experience team provide a unique venture capital option. We can help companies’ growth and market penetration – a powerful proposition in today’s competitive start-up environment in Iran. Accelerating the rate of innovation and value realization, is very important in order for great and disruptive ideas to take shape and to be applied as meaningful solutions that benefit both the society and economy in Iran.

Our investment strategy includes all stages of funding for pre-IPO companies. We concentrate our efforts and expertise primarily in the following areas:

  • Cloud, big data, collaboration
  • IOT
  • Mobile applications Digital content services
  • Other emerging technologies
  • If you are looking for help to get your business idea off the ground, please contact DONE Corporate Venture. We provide entrepreneurs with seed-round venture capital, access to market insights, unmatched customer networks, and the successful business-building approaches of System Group.


DONE Corporate Venture’s team bring real-world knowledge and experienced gained over 30 years in developing and managing technology based companies. Together we have deep experience in wide range of industries, plus extensive experience in strategy, business processes and information technology. The core team consists of:

  • Mahmoud Nazzari, Chairman of the Board of System Group | Chairman of the Board
  • Mehdi Amiri, Board Member and CEO of System Group | Board Member
  • Baha’edin Alaee Fard, Board Member of System Group | Board Member
  • Ali Elyasi | CEO

Our Strength

Few traditional investors have what it takes to make a real difference to the prospects and performance of the businesses in which they invest. DONE Corporate Venture is different. Through our relationship with System Group, we can help our portfolio companies in ways not open to other investors.

Channel Power

System Group provides a powerful and mature channel to market with unparalleled scope for entrepreneurs wanting to grow businesses in Iran. DONE Corporate Venture can draw on this channel power to help its portfolio companies be successful – both in terms of introduction to senior industry executives and providing access to established companies. System Group serves 50% of top 500 companies in Iran.


We can draw on wide-ranging network to connect our portfolio companies with right knowledge, skills and where needed industry credibility. We can leverage System Group’s brand name, reputation and scale to support our portfolio companies.


Our team’s entrepreneurial spirit is matched by extensive experience in many industries, as well as a deep understanding of strategy, new business models and technology.

The way we can help

DONE Corporate Venture provides meaningful assistance, including:

  • Financial support and access to venture capital
  • Mentorships by in-house executives and external advisers and experts
  • Access to applicable training material
  • Access to start-up ecosystem
  • Strategy development and management
  • Co-branding with other System Group’s brands


Phone : +9821-83382550