About Us

Our Story

More than 31 years ago, Mahmoud Nazzari, Shahriar Rahimi, and Homayoon Hariri, saw a major opportunity in the Iranian IT market. The departure of foreign IT companies in the late 1970s left a vacuum in the market creating a major opportunity for these three entrepreneurs to establish an Iranian IT company. Their idea was simple. They would develop the first commercial suite of applications for businesses operating in the post-revolution regulatory environment. Little did they know that in 20 years, their simple vision would shape the IT industry in Iran for decades to come.


Who We Are?

Today, System Group (SG) is at the forefront of Iran’s software industry with over 64000 customers (and counting…) and more than 1,400 associates. Our product portfolio consists of more than 40 integrated solutions. The company’s motto “Smart solutions, Wise management” now drives all our daily activities and is our core mission.

What We Do?

Our business activities focus on providing:

  • Business software solutions for mid and large size businesses across manufacturing, service and commercial industries
  • Software solutions for small businesses
  • Custom-made IT solutions for the public sectors
  • Implementation  services
  • Technical support of our products
  • Training services
  • Advanced network engineering services and data security

More About System Group

  • From our extensive system implementation experience with many clients we have a good understanding of the challenges ahead and actions required to help you to meet your objectives.

  • Working Environment

    System Group delivers winning solutions to its customers by bringing together highly talented people in an inspiring and collaborative environment. It is this environment that makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding. We continuously ask for feedback from our colleagues and colleagues to help us create a great place to work and find innovative ways to serve our clients. We are imaginative, passionate, determined, bold, and value having fun. We strive to do more with less. Above all, we understand how important each person is and welcome everyone’s feedback. These attributes have had a profound impact on the growth of System Group. They are also the reasons why our work environment is cherished by many of our staff and SG alumni.

  • Values
    System Group is managed by its core values and not by hierarchies. These simple, yet effective values have helped to grow our relationship with our employees, shareholders and customers.

  • Subsidiaries
    System Group is a conglomerate of companies composed of 13 regional companies and 10 specialized companies. We also work with 33 licensed dedicated business partners. Together, we address diverse IT needs of our customers across different industries nationwide. Each company has brought the necessary synergy within the group to drive the company forward in covering and meeting diverse IT needs of customers across different industries nationwide.
    Due to our fast growing rate and different types of activities that we had to launch to meet our customer needs, we have established a number of sister companies to manage the diversification of activities and the corresponding personnel growth.

                                                             Countrywide Presence

13 Regional Companies

+100 Business Partners

10 Specialized Service Lines